Doing Business in Japan

Corporate Update

DLA Piper is pleased to announce the launch of the first edition of its 'Doing Business in Japan' publication.

Japan is the world's third largest economy and remains cutting-edge in business. In 2012, 68 Global 500 Companies were headquartered in Japan, demonstrating the strong global orientation of Japanese businesses. Japan can be counted on to make long-term investments, due to its culture of respect for the individual, value for education, demand for quality and fostering of prosperous communities. It is also resilient and able to respond to change. Foreign companies can reap long-term financial and strategic benefits in Japan.

Japan is a unique player in the Asia-Pacific, having emerged as a market long before many of its currently emerging neighbours and therefore occupying an important role in building regional prosperity and security. Japan can also be contrasted with its Western business partners, because although it stands on similar economic footing, its rich culture means that Japan will always be a unique and delightful business partner.

Doing business in Japan has never been easier. It is also safe, relatively deregulated, consistent, profitable and enjoyable.

This Guide can assist you to realise your potential in the Japan market, whether you want to invest in Japan or do business with Japan. It covers key areas including the Companies Act, M&A, employment law, taxation, contract law, product liability and dispute resolution. Some of the legal concepts may even seem familiar, with Japan's legal system having been influenced by Anglo-American models.