Daniel Creasey leads the firm’s pro bono practice across 12 offices in the Asia Pacific region – Bangkok, Beijing, Brisbane, Canberra, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Perth, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo

Daniel's primary duty is to lead the firm's Asia Pacific pro bono practice by devising and implementing a strategic framework for the pro bono practice, practicising in a wide range of human rights/public interest matters, supervising matters/projects, project management, ensuring the quality/effectiveness of the practice, identifying/implementing opportunities for regional/global initiatives, promoting pro bono internally/externally, building relationships with UN agencies/NGOs/CLCs and collaborating with commercial clients.

Daniel practices in international human rights law and his focus concentrates on non-governmental organisations, human rights mechanisms, UN mechanisms (including the preparation of shadow (parallel) reports analysing the extent to which treaty rights have been protected and realised in various signatory nations states; Preparing individual communications to the United Nations Human Rights Committee and other United Nations treaty bodies), public interest law, corporate responsibility, commercial litigation, administrative law, criminal law and advocacy. Daniel’s expertise and interests focus on access to justice, fulfilling unmet legal need and delivery of high calibre pro bono services, with a particular focus on prisoners, HIV/AIDS, LGBTI rights, violence against women, human trafficking and child justice.