Jim Halpert counsels technology and content companies on a broad range of legal issues concerning new technologies, including intellectual property protection, content regulation and First Amendment law, privacy, cyber-security, government surveillance, Internet gambling, Internet jurisdiction, telecommunications regulation, online contract formation and marketing.

Jim's counseling practice includes advising a wide range of companies regarding privacy and computer security issues, and advising copyright owners, ISPs and equipment manufacturers regarding IP infringement and copy protection technology strategies.

Jim has represented and counseled Fortune 500 and smaller companies on a broad range of privacy issues, including information management, data transfer, data security, government regulation of marketing practices, the privacy practices of network operators and websites, communications companies, email spam and disclosure of customer information in response to government surveillance requests. For example, he has counseled clients regarding responses to more than one hundred data security breaches.

Jim is deeply involved in the evolution of new law in the technology area, and draws on this experience to provide strategic advice to clients both about where the law is today, and how it is likely to evolve in the future. He has helped draft many of the federal laws that govern e-commerce and use of the Internet. These include the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the CAN-SPAM Act, USA Patriot Act, Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and Communications Decency Act. Representing a coalition of Fortune 500 companies, Jim has helped to draft most of the state data security, security breach notification, and state spyware laws and many of the recent state spam laws, as well as California’s online privacy law. Jim has also been involved in drafting and negotiating provisions in a variety of international treaty provisions affecting e-commerce, including the Council of Europe Cybercrime Convention, and portions of the IP protection provisions in the US-Singapore and US-Chile Free Trade Agreements.

Jim represents clients in technology litigation in the federal courts, including in Internet copyright, First Amendment, privacy and spam cases, and has written numerous appellate briefs. He is active in FTC, FCC, and other agency proceedings related to the Internet in areas such as intellectual property protection, cyber-security, and privacy protection.

While on leave from the firm, Jim served on the Obama-Biden transition's Technology, Innovation and Government Reform (TIGR) and Commerce Department agency review teams, where he worked on broadband, health IT issues, and a review of the US Patent and Trademark Office operations.