Michael Lewis is an engineer with broad experience in the regulation of the electromagnetic radio spectrum.

After 8 years with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) where he served in various senior engineering policy positions overseeing the wireless and broadcast industries, Mike transitioned to private practice where he helps equipment manufacturers, innovators, and commercial service providers to bring new radio-based products and services to the US market.

While experienced in all telecom related industries, Mike focuses on many non-consumer wireless applications. For example, he advises clients on the licensing and operational requirements for private land mobile systems and was at the forefront of US efforts to design and fund a nationwide, broadband communication network for first responders. He also works on aeronautical communications issues for both manned and unmanned aircraft and was selected by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 2016 to discuss the spectrum challenges facing drones at the FAA's first national symposium on unmanned aircraft. Finally, Mike spends much of his time helping manufacturers of wireless products prepare their new equipment designs for compliance with the FCC's approval process, including acquiring licenses to conduct radio-based experiments in the most appropriate regions of the spectrum.

Mike is not a lawyer.