Some of the services we provide to the transportation industry, their customers and others include:

Automotive Industry Regulation, Counseling, and Litigation

Autonomous, connected, and electric vehicle regulation and counseling (federal, state, and local) to auto manufacturers, auto sensor and equipment makers, tech companies, AV and automated driving systems developers and manufacturers, startups, and investors.

  • Passenger vehicles and light- and heavy-duty trucks and equipment, platooning
  • Regulatory advice, strategies, and counseling regarding regulatory risks and opportunities related to autonomous and connected vehicles and their deployment, in an evolving legal environment
  • Participation in the development and implementation of regulations governing automated vehicles and other new technologies, including rulemaking, exemptions, and interpretations
  • Advanced driver assistance systems
  • Evaluation and advice regarding emerging AV crash liability law and response strategies
  • Ridesharing, transportation network company, and urban mobility law and regulation
  • Regulation of operation and testing of autonomous, connected, and electric vehicles
  • Electric vehicles, related regulation and charging infrastructure policy, regulation, and opportunities
  • Litigation related to AV and EV regulation, compliance and enforcement
  • Advice regarding effects of new transportation technologies, services, and systems on other industries and sectors, including real estate and land use, liability and insurance, data privacy and cybersecurity, connected infrastructure, and supply chain and transportation logistics
  • Regulatory advice and analysis regarding transactions, investments, business ventures, partnerships for development and commercialization of autonomous, connected, and electric vehicles and related services. Due diligence.

Generally applicable motor vehicle (sedans, light trucks, motorcycles) and equipment regulation and policyadvising and representing OEMs, suppliers, equipment manufacturers and other affected entities with respect to

  • Safety standards and exemptions
  • Participating in regulatory development, including rulemaking, challenges, and appeals
  • Regulatory strategy and analysis
  • Regulatory interpretations, guidance, and voluntary standards
  • Agency adjudications and court challenges
  • Compliance
  • Early warning reporting, TREAD Act
  • Defect investigations, recalls, and reporting
  • Enforcement defense, litigation, and appeals
  • Fuel Economy and emissions standards, regulation, enforcement, and litigation
  • New Car Assessment Program
  • State motor vehicle regulation
  • Motor vehicle-related matters before the Consumer Products Safety Commission
  • Heavy truck regulation, including safety standards, freight transportation, and autonomous and platooning regulation (FMCSA and State agencies), and litigation.
  • Passenger bus and motor coach regulation

Other Transportation Regulation, Counseling, and Litigation

  • Railroad economic and safety regulation (STB, FRA)
  • Unmanned aircraft systems (drones) regulation and policy and other FAA matters
  • Federal Highway Administration projects and regulations and other transportation infrastructure projects
  • Transit system regulation, projects, and public funding (FTA). High-speed rail projects
  • “Green” Infrastructure and energy programs and funding.
  • Passenger motor carrier and bus regulation
  • Administrative and regulatory litigation and appeals (challenging administrative rules, decisions, penalties, etc.)
  • Stimulus and economic-recovery-related federal transportation and infrastructure programs, funding, regulatory relief, compliance and oversight
  • Logistics and supply chain matters
  • Other transportation-related regulation, litigation, advice, and due diligence