Gerald Rokoff has more than 35 years of experience in global and US tax matters, helping clients ensure maximum financial benefit and optimum tax treatment.

Gerald has extensive experience in advising fund sponsors, investment advisors and investors in identifying and implementing tax-efficient structures worldwide to enhance after-tax yield for the investors and advisors. He has structured investments for US and non-US investors across a broad base of asset classes including real estate, music recording and publishing rights, sports and entertainment, debt and equities, operating businesses and alternative investments. 

Gerald is involved in the growing business of tax risk insurance. Gerald benefits from advising both underwriters -- by reviewing taxpayer submissions and advising on the tax risks to be insured -- and taxpayers who wish to eliminate risk at a fair premium.  The latter involves preparing thorough and well-prepared opinion on the underlying tax issues. In addition, he regularly advises clients on the specialized rules applicable to insurance companies under the controlled foreign corporation and passive foreign investment company regimes, and how to take advantage of statutory safe harbors under these two regimes.

Gerald has extensively advised bankers and investment bankers on the tax aspects of capital market transactions, including structures designed to legally reduce the cost of funds or enhance yield in the United States and abroad.

He does tax advisory work in a broad range of sectors, including media, sports and entertainment and asset management (both on the institutional investor and the sponsor/advisory sides). Additionally, he acts as the point person for the coordination of US and international tax advice. Gerald acts as special tax counsel for a variety of companies and helps them identify the optimal path forward. Clients include Ares Management, Goldman Sachs, Hayfin Capital Management, SoundPoint, KCK Group, AMP Capital, HarbourView Equity Partners, Concord Music, Captech, Intangible assets Group, Jane Street, AIG, Vale Insurance Partners, Lloyds of London syndicate members, Oxford, Omers and QIA.