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Release is an online, secure portal and platform for Real Estate clients which can be used to view and manage each step of a standard transaction and all the legal elements of a deal in one place, resulting in enhanced resilience, quality and efficiency.

As well as providing you with a dedicated dashboard that provides a simple, transparent and accessible way to view the progress of your matter and outstanding actions, Release greatly improves the way you instruct and provide information to DLA Piper. The portal is integrated with other Real Estate systems within DLA Piper, including its contract automation technology, which allows relevant document drafts, such as commercial contracts or lease agreements, to be produced immediately and automatically shortly after instructing the firm via the portal, by way of a simple Q&A format.  This simplifies the communication and review process for all parties and provides you with a high quality, consistent and robust set of documents, all stored in one place.

Which types of assets can this be used with?
Release has been developed as a streamlined and robust way of working with our Real Estate clients, particularly those with substantial numbers of tenants, and it is optimal when used with mid and large portfolio sizes. Not every portfolio is well-suited to Release and we can advise you on this during consultation.

Can we use this alongside existing asset management software?
Information can be exported in files compatible with asset management software and we can develop a bespoke solution with your managers.

How is my data stored?
Release is a cloud-based service and all client data is stored confidentially in line with local data privacy law.

How soon can I start to use Release?
We start with an exploratory meeting to understand the scale and complexity of your portfolio(s) and will advise you on whether Release is suitable for your needs.  If so, a period of time is then spent to set up a bespoke Release portal for your exact needs. Depending on the complexity, availability of your team and urgency of the project, this can range from a few days to a few weeks. During our initial scoping conversations we will be able to clarify timeframes.

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