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4 April 20245 minute read

Engaging with the public: the SDAIA issues further public consultations

The Saudi Data & Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) has continued to recognize the importance of involving the public for developing its legal frameworks by initiating further public consultations. These consultations provide a medium through which stakeholders, and the public generally, can contribute to the policy-making process, whether that be in relation to the principles of AI ethics, updates to the KSA’s Personal Data Protection Law or policies concerning the sharing of data.

Please see below our brief summaries on current public consultations which remain open for contribution.

The Draft Data Sovereignty Public Policy 9 April 2024

The consultation seeks feedback on the KSA’s draft public policy positions on data sovereignty. The policy, as currently drafted, sets out four principles, concerning:

  • Data as a national asset;
  • Data protection;
  • Data availability; and
  • Encouragement of local and foreign investment.
Proposed Amendments to The Regulation on Personal Data Transfer Outside the Kingdom 18 April 2024 This consultation proposes amendments to the implementing regulation on Personal Data Transfer Outside the Kingdom issued in 2023, which aim to make the requirements and obligations clearer in relation to transferring data outside of the KSA.
Data Sharing Policy Amendments

18 April 2024

This consultation proposes amendments to how government entities in the KSA share data with each other, clarifying who the policy applies to and the eight principles underpinning responsible data sharing between them.
The Rules Governing the National Register of Controllers Within the Kingdom

24 April 2024

This consultation invites contributions on the draft ‘Rules Governing the National Register of Controllers Within the Kingdom’. The purpose of these rules is to inform controllers within the KSA of their obligation to register with the National Data Governance Platform, providing details on when controllers must register and the procedure involved.


Should you wish to provide any comments for the consultations, please access the relevant site page of the public consultation platform, accessible here.

This article was co-authored by Paul Allen, Partner, Global Co-Chair, Intellectual Property and Technology, DLA Piper, Lili Elenoglou, Legal Director, DLA Piper and Mohamed Moussallati, Legal Director, Alshahrani Law Firm.