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13 December 20211 minute read

Our latest podcasts

Among DLA Piper’s latest IPT-focused podcasts are these. Please enjoy.

mRNA technology and the COVID vaccine – a conversation with Pfizer’s Kathy Fernando 

For decades, scientists have studied the vast possibilities of custom-made messenger RNA, or mRNA. Kathy Fernando, Head Vice President, Worldwide, of Clinical Operations at Pfizer, spent her early bench science career working with mRNA technology and had a front-row seat to the creation of the COVID-19 vaccine. In this podcast, DLA Piper’s Dr. Lisa Haile talks with Dr. Fernando about the study of mRNA and how COVID-19 catalyzed its advance.

Understanding AI and its use in drug discovery

Duane Valz, General Counsel of Insitro, joins DLA Piper partners Ellen Scordino and Susan Krumplitsch in this discussion of how machine learning is being used to generate and leverage data for the development of better medicines.

Man versus machine: working together in the age of AI 

Hannah Fry, best-selling author and professor of mathematics at University College, London, speaks with Kit Burden, global co-chair of DLA Piper’s Technology Sector, in this conversation about AI, its strength and flaws, and the need for the human factor.