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23 August 20211 minute read

Investing in Residential in Europe

Residential is the new logistics! After the unprecedented growth of online shopping and the related boom in investment in logistics assets, Europe is now turning to residential as a new asset class. Driven by social trends such as the desire of students and young urban professionals for more flexibility and independence, growing urbanization, an ageing population and global tourism in the world of education, developers, asset managers, institutional investors and private equity funds have poured huge amounts of capital into the residential sector. A new asset class referred to as “Living” or “Beds” has emerged.

The global pandemic has not affected this trend. On the contrary, investment in residential assets has remained strong in a generally slower real estate market. In addition, smart working and lockdowns have increased the desire for traditional residential assets, i.e. homes.

DLA Piper has prepared a guide that summarises the legal and tax framework for developing, investing and leasing traditional residential assets throughout Europe, covering the most relevant jurisdictions.

Please contact Mariann Kissig to receive a copy of the guide.