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15 March 20217 minute read

DLA Piper launches Aiscension to help detect and prevent cartel activity in collaboration with Reveal

  • New offering delivers cutting-edge technology from Reveal alongside DLA Piper’s first-class legal know-how
  • Time and cost savings allow for companies to focus on detection
  • Faster, more effective and better value than traditional technology assisted and manual reviews

DLA Piper announced today the launch of Aiscension, a ground-breaking AI-enabled service designed to find cartel risks within corporations. Aiscension is revolutionising risk detection by combining DLA Piper’s legal know-how, with cutting-edge AI technology from Reveal, the leading provider of AI-powered e-Discovery software.

Despite many companies having compliance systems in place, there remains a constant risk that any business (or its subsidiaries) can become involved in cartel activity. Aiscension can enhance a business’s compliance initiatives by offering the ability to detect and prevent cartels. It combines Reveal’s best-in-class AI technology with DLA Piper’s renowned legal expertise to create faster, more effective and more accurate outcomes.

Ilan Sherr, Legal Director at DLA Piper and Executive Director of Aiscension comments: “The consequences of being proven to be involved in cartel related activity are very serious. An infringement can involve large fines, criminal sanctions and lasting damage to a firm’s brand and reputation. An investigation alone can have serious consequences, so prevention is much better than cure. The efficiency and reduction in cost that Aiscension brings to the market opens up a whole new way for companies to view and mitigate cartel risk. Aiscension provides our clients with the ability to identify, at an early stage, whether they are at risk of being involved in potentially illegal activity. This can enable them to take appropriate action at the earliest opportunity, and even prevent any damage from being done.”

This innovative service has the ability to analyse vast amounts of data relevant to many forms of cartel activity, such as price fixing, market sharing, bid rigging, information exchange and collective boycotts. Cartel activity is a key, and growing, risk area for businesses across all sectors. An analysis of competition fines since January 2000 for the EU, UK, and US competition authorities shows there have been fines impacting over 1,100 entities and totalling over EUR43 billion – in these three jurisdictions alone. Developments in technology, the realities of a virtual world, and the pressures of a pandemic world are all trends which will lead to continued regulatory attention in this area.

Aiscension works by having the AI model trained by DLA Piper lawyers and optimised in collaboration with Reveal data scientists to identify and efficiently explore corporate electronic communications which may signal cartel behaviour. Leveraging the power of cutting-edge AI, businesses can significantly reduce the time spent on compliance reviews, freeing up resources to be deployed elsewhere.

DLA Piper will be offering the Aiscension service as part of its enhanced legal offering named Law&.

Commenting on the launch, Simon Levine, Global Co-CEO, DLA Piper said: “We continue to build on the momentum of introducing bold and innovative products and services through our enhanced legal offering Law&, which directly addresses our client’s challenges and allows them to seize opportunities. Our collaboration with Reveal provides companies with the ability to greatly reduce the risk of being caught up in damaging cartel related activity and revolutionises how they approach prevention. Aiscension is yet another example of the market changing products we are developing.”

“This solution confirms that a combination of AI technology and human legal expertise can solve complex issues such as cartel activity detection. Our platform allows DLA Piper’s Aiscension to build powerful AI models to meet their client’s needs. Aiscension will apply these AI models to future cases,” said Wendell Jisa, founder & CEO of Reveal. “Our partnership with DLA Piper allows lawyers to work hand-in-hand with data scientists – continuing Reveal’s mission to further the impact of automation in the practice of law.”

For more information about DLA Piper’s Aiscension, with Reveal AI technology, and to experience a demo, click here.