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17 May 20242 minute read

Artificial Intelligence Roadmap: Unraveling the Senate’s latest AI framework

Friday, May 17, 2024 

On Wednesday, May 15, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) working group in the US Senate unveiled its long-awaited AI report, proposing US$32 billion in federal funding for the private and public sectors to spearhead AI innovation and propel the US’ global competitiveness, along with a series of proposals for congressional committees and executive branch agencies to tackle in future legislation, regulation, or guidance. With the proposal comes questions regarding regulating AI, protecting American data, the impacts on the nation’s economy, and the effects on health care, life sciences, technology, and other industries.

On May 17, we hosted a webinar to discuss the report. During the session, Chair of Health Policy Strategic Consulting practice Senator Richard Burr, Principal Policy Advisor Tony Samp, and Managing Director of Responsible AI Dr. Sam Tyner-Monroe, discussed the roadmap’s details, how Congress is likely to react, and what this means for companies, sectors, and thought leaders moving forward.

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