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We’re on the forefront of technology law, using our experience to help you implement powerful blockchain solutions. Our broad global reach empowers entrepreneurs and investors to transform their businesses. 

Blockchain technology brings significant opportunities to offer new services and change business models. As the blockchain ecosystem evolves, the implementation of blockchain solutions will pose an array of challenges with legal implications – for businesses implementing the solution, their suppliers, and for their customers. Blockchain also provides the opportunity to develop a new class of assets – from digital assets that can include digital representations of existing assets, such as stock or real estate, to new forms of digital property, such as NFTs. Tokens can provide liquidity to currently illiquid assets such as real estate buildings and patents. Non-fungible tokens can be used to provide proof of ownership and provenance of both intangible and intangible assets. 

“Taking advantage of blockchain technology – whether through investment, collaboration, or other partnerships – means skilfully navigating regulatory and transactional issues around the world.”

Taking advantage of blockchain technology – whether through investment, collaboration, or other partnerships – means skilfully navigating regulatory and transactional issues around the world.  

Our Blockchain and Digital Assets group offers global strategic advice to address the needs of companies implementing blockchain technology solutions and creating and deploying digital assets. Our global team draws upon the collective experience of attorneys from relevant practices including securities, IP protection and licensing, commodities future trading regulations, privacy, and money transmitter rules, to help companies take advantage of these new opportunities and attain their strategic goals through the use of blockchain.  

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How we have helped our clients

  • Advising investors in their investment in a billion-USD ICO 
  • Advising investors in venture capital financing with option to participate in a future token offering 
  • Advising a blockchain-based decentralized data marketplace in raising funds through a token offering that provides individuals a way to securely and anonymously sell validated private information in a trusted environment 
  • Assisting a startup in developing a tokenized model of financing patent royalty streams 
  • Advising a blockchain project on raising funds to build an open innovation platform for robotics technology 
  • Advising a blockchain startup in its EUR50 million equity round offering/STO 
  • Advising a leading US financial institution on the adoption and deployment of a platform utilizing blockchain technology for the issuance and transfer of electronic equivalents to cashier’s checks, and the initiation and receipt of real-time electronic fund transfers, between commercial customers at participating institutions
  • Assisting a financial services provider with the development of a blockchain-based registry for the transfer of digital assets
  • Advising on the development and deployment of a blockchain-based platform for transferring ownership of special-purpose legal entities holding real estate assets

  • Defending a cryptocurrency exchange in multiple lawsuits against allegations that it breached a user agreement by not supporting certain forked currencies 
  • Coordinating the defense of a prominent cryptocurrency exchange in over 30 consumer lawsuits throughout the United States and Europe achieving near unanimous dismissals without payment 
  • Defending a cryptocurrency exchange against claims for trademark infringement and anti-cybersquatting arising from registry services provided in the alternative domain name space 
  • Counseling a cryptocurrency exchange on responding to subpoenas from various government agencies 
  • Defending a blockchain development foundation in an international arbitration against breach of contract claims 
  • Counseling digital asset companies in responding to subpoenas from government agencies 
  • Counseling purchasers of digital assets regarding SEC enforcement proceeding strategy 
  • Defending SAFT issuer against securities fraud suit based on issuer's decision to not issue token and to refund all investments in full 
  • Defending cryptocurrency exchange in litigation against claims for breach of commercial software licensing agreement 

  • Advising on the establishment of an institutional grade exchange for trading digital assets 
  • Advising a major global bank on its licensing of and investments in companies developing secure ledger and secure transaction services using blockchain technology 
  • Advising a blockchain developer in relation to the form of smart derivative contracts for use with ISDA 
  • Representing a developer of infrastructure for autonomous private data on public blockchains, DApps, and DAOs in its SAFT sales and a service provider offering 
  • Assisting a startup in complying with European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation in developing a platform to allow individuals to sell their private information 

  • Advising on the smart contract development for a major insurance company to automate certain insurance payments 
  • Working with a cryptocurrency developer leveraging our experience in privacy, regulatory, and financial law to provide for the legally compliant tokenization of real estate assets on a global scale 
  • Advising the developer of a blockchain-based data privacy platform created to enable companies to easily access data privacy requirements with blockchain based auditing and purpose-based access control 
  • Counselling on all legal matters for a Stanford-backed blockchain supplier with a focus on smart contracts, including developing smart contract templates and working with the client’s technology team to translate smart contract drafting into coding for use with its platform, as well as developing digital currency consumer guidelines 
  • Advising a blockchain developer in relation to the form of smart contracts relating to an electronic smart vault 
  • Advising on standard software licenses for blockchain startups 
  • Advising the developer of a multi-signature secure digital wallet offering various services for businesses using digital currency to keep bitcoin secure from theft and loss 
  • Advising a client on the use of blockchain to track minerals from the time they are mined through to sales to consumers 
  • Advising a major insurance company on its successful RFP response and negotiating build and support contracts for a blockchain-based trade finance solution for implementation by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority 


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