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16 October 20232 minute read

Disputes on life sciences projects and how to avoid or manage them

16 October 2023, 12:00 – 13:00 BST, Online

Life sciences businesses are particularly vulnerable to commercial disputes – they are globalised, have complex supply chains, their products and services are sold to significant numbers of customers, their businesses touch on sensitive personal matters, there is significant regulatory scrutiny and product development can take years.

As we look ahead in 2023, Jeremy Sher (Partner and International Co-Head of Class Actions), Jamie Curle (Partner, Litigation & Regulatory) and Siona Spillett (Legal Director, Litigation & Regulatory) will discuss:

  • Why commercial disputes arise in the life sciences sector;
  • Common types of disputes in the life sciences sector, including:
    • Performance issues;
    • Disputes over licensing and permissions;
    • Relationship breakdown over long-term research;
    • Impact of adverse government action;
    • Delays;
    • Royalties; and
    • Raw material pricing and supply issues; and
  • Key steps for mitigating the risk of commercial disputes.

This webinar is part of a series covering global issues that are triggering substantial litigation risk.


Jeremy Sher

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Jamie Curle

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Siona Spillett

Legal Director
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