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16 November 20232 minute read

The new frontiers of AI and compliance programs

16 November 2023, 18:00 - 19:15


DLA Piper
Via della Posta, 7
20123 Milano


Digital tools powered by AI technologies are already being used for compliance programs, investigations, due diligence activities and audits. And more is yet to come. How can AI help legal and compliance departments? What are the opportunities and the challenges for the business?

We’ll answer these and other questions during our event “The new frontiers of AI and compliance programs.” We’ll also discuss Aiscension, a neural-net AI tool developed by DLA Piper with eDiscovery and AI experts Reveal Brainspace. It helps detect cartels and other behaviours in organisations, making legal and compliance activities more effective. We’ve also invited some renowned managers from various sectors to discuss their experiences, plans and expectations regarding AI in the context of legal and compliance activities in the future.

Join us to find out what these industry experts have to say. The discussion will be followed by a networking event.


Opening remarks:

  • Alessandro Boso Caretta, Partner, DLA Piper
  • Domenico Gullo, Partner, DLA Piper

Roundtable discussion:

  • Nicoletta Pia di CagnoCompliance Director
  • Filippo Galluccio, Head of Legal – Corporate and Contracting, Vodafone Italia
  • Ilaria Musco, General Counsel, Doctolib Italy

Moderators: Alessandro Boso Caretta and Domenico Gullo, Partners, DLA Piper


  • Ilan Sherr, Executive Director Aiscension, DLA Piper

Conclusion and Q&A

Networking cocktail will follow.


* The invitation is strictly personal. The number of seats is limited

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