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9 January 20242 minute read

An Evening of Appreciation

On Tuesday, January 9, we hosted clients and friends for an uplifting and meaningful evening at ConMigo in Modi’in to celebrate and show our appreciation to local individuals who have stepped up during the aftermath of October 7 to spearhead charitable initiatives for soldiers, soldiers’ families, and displaced families. During dinner, we heard from the following heroes of charity and learned more about their work: Judy Kosowsky, of Yehudit Designs Event Planning, who is supporting wives of army reservists; Lisa Rich, of Lisa Rich Photo, who is photographing displaced families from the south and families of soldiers when they come home from the war; and Aron Schoenfeld, of Smiles for the Kids, whose mission is to bring happiness and comfort to soldiers, the families of soldiers, and those families impacted by the ongoing war.

We also were privileged to hear from Jeremy Bob, Intelligence, Terrorism, and Legal Analyst at The Jerusalem Post. He shared with us geo-political insights, as well as his thoughts on the war and what Israel’s broader outlook might be afterwards. We distributed copies of Jeremy’s latest book, Target Tehran, about the Mossad’s secret war against Iran’s nuclear program and its role in the Abraham Accord, to our guests. It was a beautiful evening of friendship, unity, and support.