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21 June 20232 minute read

Gender pay transparency: A global guide to reporting obligations

Updated 18 December 2023

The new edition of our Gender pay transparency: A global guide to reporting obligations is now available. This latest edition includes ten brand new jurisdictions, covering 55 countries across the world. 

Our new guide comes at a time when Member States will soon start turning their attention to introducing, or adapting, laws to meet the requirements of the EU gender pay transparency directive. In turn, businesses need to start planning for the upcoming changes which have wide-ranging ramifications. Further, it is not just Europe which is undergoing dynamic change. Further afield, pay transparency obligations are a key focus for other legislators, particularly in Brazil, the US and Canada.

The potential timescales for understanding the impact of these global developments, and implementing the required changes to current business operations, should not be underestimated.

Full information for each country is available to our GENIE subscribers at On GENIE you can compare and contrast the reporting obligations for all 55 jurisdictions. To access this content on GENIE, please log in to your account or, for a new account, please speak to your usual DLA Piper contact or click here.