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Listening is the key to the future

Today, DLA Piper in Poland is an authentic partnership that seeks synergy at every stage of business. Our values - be bold, collaborative, exceptional and supportive - drive our success.

Living by our values allow us to build trust with our clients, business partners, lawyers, tax advisors and employees, along with community members.  Moreover, our principles ensure we are committed to diverse and inclusive thinking; this is fundamental to our corporate culture. We are empathetic and compassionate people. Our team performs a wide range of pro bono activities, which helps our community, plays a part in social change, and gives us all a sense of pride and accomplishment.

The last 16 years have brought many changes to DLA Piper in Poland. These changes have resulted not only in the expansion of the range of services provided, but, most importantly, in the development of technological solutions and proven work performance. This is thanks to our team and our community. There is no doubt that we are who we are because of our joint efforts.

The exceptionalism of our teams and their collaborative spirit. Unafraid to offer clients innovation solutions. Support amongst each other and for our community. Together, our firm is greater than the sum of its parts.

Together, we can make business better. 


“When you listen, then you can understand someone’s needs, and this is the first step to change challenges into solutions. The greatest challenges can only be solved by creating a sense of common purpose, belonging and responsibility for the future. This feeling of community is what will drive the legal industry and the entire business world in the coming years. Build the community with us.”

Krzysztof Kycia and Jacek Giziński
Co-Managing Partners

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How we see the future

The world is full of uncertainties and is more complex than ever. That is why continuous improvement is something close to us. 

According to the principle, "Don't work more, but work smarter", we strive to increase our efficiency by taking advantage of technology. DLA Piper is a forward-thinking, innovative organization. We believe great businesses can make a better world. This will continue to be the guiding principle for DLA Piper in Poland. 

We follow what is going on with you, on the market and in our life, to be here and now. To reach a full understanding of the world as it is today, in the future and, above all, the people who live in it. We listen carefully. At DLA Piper listening is at the heart of what we do. 

Listening is the key to the future. 

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