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10 August 20232 minute read

The keys to unlocking the global low-carbon hydrogen economy

Recent events such as the war in Ukraine and the global economic crisis have highlighted the increased need for large-scale production and distribution of alternative, low-carbon, renewable fuels, resulting in continuous opportunities and challenges for the hydrogen industry.

We have partnered with Reuters Events to continue the conversations from their Hydrogen 2023 conference and explore the problems and possibilities for market participants – from frontrunners to hard-to-abate sectors – in building up the clean hydrogen industry and meeting demands.

This report addresses key questions for reaching the potential of low-carbon hydrogen, including:

  • Why is collaboration key to a successful low-carbon hydrogen economy?
  • What is the role of regulation, such as certification schemes, in the use of low-carbon hydrogen?
  • How can infrastructure be adapted to enable the use of clean hydrogen in heavy industry and transportation?
  • What is the role of ammonia in supporting the expansion of clean hydrogen as an alternative fuel?

The report also provides insights from four of our leading DLA Piper partners, clients and other representatives across key industries such as aerospace and aviation, shipping, grid operators and natural resources suppliers, and financiers of the energy transition, including Shell, Rabobank, Hydrogen Council, Neste and Snam.

To discuss any of the findings in more detail, please reach out to your regular DLA Piper contact, or to any of the key contacts listed below.