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21 March 20243 minute read

Opportunities for women’s inclusion in the Latam workforce

We are pleased to share with you our prerecorded and in Spanish webinar where we discussed the opportunities being offered by executives and leading companies in Latin America regarding diversity and inclusion of women in the workplace.

Our distinguished speakers – Frida Rosado, Legal Manager of Konecta; Waleska Rivera, President and CEO of Danosa; and Katherine Barcia, Chief Legal Officer of David del Curto S.A – and our moderators led a meaningful discussion on this important topic.

If you are interested in streaming the webinar, please send your request by clicking the button below.


Frida Rosado

Frida Rosado

Legal Manager of Konecta
Waleska Rivera

Waleska Rivera

President and CEO of Danosa

Katherine Barcia Schott

Chief Legal Officer of David del Curto S.A