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10 April 20221 minute read

Influencer Marketing Guide: What your business needs to know

Influencer marketing continues to play an increasingly important role in marketing strategies. However, there are numerous legal challenges for influencers and the brands they cooperate with, and influencer marketing remains a focus for advertising regulators around the world. The legal framework is still in flux in most jurisdictions which makes it particularly difficult to carry out cross-border influencer marketing campaigns in a legally compliant manner.

This guide provides an overview of legal frameworks in key jurisdictions for influencer marketing. Now in its second edition, it has been updated and expanded to cover 28 key global jurisdictions. It addresses the following questions from each jurisdictions’ perspective:

  • What qualifies as advertising under local law?
  • What are the typical influencer practices and in which cases are they considered advertising?
  • What legal obligations apply?
  • What are the applicable laws, regulations or guidance?
  • What are the consequences for influencers if advertising content is not clearly labelled?
  • What legal risks apply when cooperating with influencers?
  • The guide will help brands (as well as influencers and marketing agencies) manage their relationships and mitigate the associated risks.