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6 March 20242 minute read

Property and non-property damages in cases of personal injury or death: state of the art and analysis of compensation criteria

6 MARCH 2024, 09:00 – 10:30

The third event in the cycle of seminars organized by DLA Piper's Insurance Sector will be held in person and in Italian. It will focus on an analysis of the criteria most recently developed in the Milan and Rome tables for the quantification of property and non-property damages resulting from personal injury or death.

The speakers will also examine the parameters, which are in the process of being approved, provided for in the so-called Single National Table on the subject of biological damage of no small amount resulting from traffic accidents and medical negligence, referred to in Article 138 of the Private Insurance Code.

The seminar will have a theoretical-practical slant and aim to provide useful tools for assessing exposure in concrete cases of personal injury or death.

During the discussion, there will be a nod to the compensation awarded by INAIL in case of work-related injuries and the debated issue of the so-called "differential damage," in light of recent clarifications by the Supreme Court.


Greatings and introduction

  • Bruno Giuffrè, DLA Piper


Property and non-property damage - Definition and analysis of the Milan and Rome Tables

Traffic accidents and medical negligence - Analysis of the so-called Single National Table under Article 138 of the Private Insurance Code

Occupational accidents - Compensation paid by INAIL and the so-called "differential damage"

  • Leila Bianchi, DLA Piper and Valerio Condemi, DLA Piper


Q&A e conclusions