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The world has seen huge disruption in the last 18 months, but as we begin to see the shoots of normalcy beginning to grow we reflect on what the pandemic has taught us and the trends we are seeing.

In this edition of Law à la Mode we look at the emerging trends and those that have been accelerated due to the pandemic. The most obvious of these is Sustainability and Environment, Social and Governance. Sustainable business is now the top of every retailers agenda as we have seen so many struggle through the pandemic. However, the pandemic has increased consumer demand for environmental and social justice as well.

Further to this we look at the innovations we have seen thanks to the pandemic, from offering more payment options to reducing the steps in the buying process. Customer engagement is high on the agenda as brands try entice consumers back into stores, but in some countries like the UK there are issues that will arise from the winding up of government support for business’ which needs to be addressed in order to move forward positively.

Overall there are a lot of positives have come from the pandemic but as with anything there is risks, our lawyers look at the opportunities and risks so that you are able to navigate through the changes effectively.