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Empowering Ambitious Organisations

Organisations face unprecedented stakeholder and competitive pressure to be more efficient, to be more innovative, and to transform themselves. These businesses benefit from access to external teams who can design and execute organisational plans and implement change and efficiency programs. 

Our Strategic Change services help senior executives, general counsel and legal teams achieve their full potential. We focus on three areas: legal optimisation, strategies for growth, and technology enablement. We collaborate with your legal teams to improve in-house capability, ensure you successfully navigate and make the most of change, and advise you on technology and innovation choices through periods of disruption and risk.

“DLA Piper Business Advisory gives you strategic guidance for optimal and enduring outcomes.”

Our integrated team of lawyers, senior advisors and management consultants partner with you to challenge conventional thinking. We design a bespoke approach to each client engagement, and our collaboration model encourages co-design throughout engagements. Our ability to navigate complex environments delivers better outcomes for you.


We partner with you to provide a flexible advisory model of support matched with business needs.

Business Advisory gives you a single point of accountability, which avoids the frustration clients can experience dealing with multiple advisors. We’re with you for the long run. Our goal is to make you better and develop your internal capability.

Key Strategic Change services

Our Strategic Change team develops solutions for the complex challenges faced by senior executives, general counsel and legal teams. We offer three key capabilities:

Policy Implementation

Providing clients practical strategies and hands on support to implement and embed policy advice

Legal Adjacent Support

Helping clients implement DLA Piper’s legal advice into their day-to-to operations


Advising clients on their important technology and innovation choices

If you’d like to hear more about any of these services, please let us know.

Case studies

This client is a global leader in English language testing for healthcare professionals and provides essential services to ensure language competency in healthcare settings worldwide.

The client sought to refine their existing business plan to create a clear and compelling narrative for their commercial stakeholders. They also needed strategic support to design a target-state corporatised business structure, aligning with their growth and operational goals.

Business Advisory was engaged to review and refine the client’s business plan and give strategic guidance. This was a 12-week engagement, with our legal team also giving critical advice on the corporate structure.

Through our strategic insights and legal knowhow, the client has achieved their goals. This engagement demonstrates our ability to deliver integrated strategic and legal solutions to complex business challenges.

The client, a multinational consumer goods corporation, faced a critical challenge in the form of a comprehensive, once-in-a-generation transformation of their legal function.

The goal of this transformation was multifaceted. It aimed to:

  • Drive internal efficiency and cost savings across the global legal function by establishing internal Legal Shared Services Hubs.
  • Return outsourced legal work in-house to achieve cost savings.
  • Implement new tools and technology to support the function.

Business Advisory was engaged to support this transformation. This included establishing the overall program, including implementing governance and project processes, and then steering the set-up of the internal Legal Shared Services Hubs. The engagement was designed collaboratively with the client.

One of the key deliverables was mapping legal processes to support the transition to the Legal Shared Service Centres. Business Advisory brought strong process design capability, underpinned by our access to legal experience.

Business Advisory was engaged by a local council’s legal function to map and refine both internal and client-facing legal processes. This took place during the implementation of the digital case management system.

Across the eight-week engagement, Business Advisory worked at the intersection of law and consulting, bringing our process design tool kit, structure, stakeholder management, and process improvement capabilities.

This was underpinned by our access to the firm’s legal experience to help map the processes and provide a successful outcome for the council and its service users.

Achieving a successful outcome for the council required the development and implementation of three key initiatives:

  • Designed a repeatable process mapping framework to provide the existing team with a documented approach they could apply to future processes.
  • Developed workflows that provided examples of best practices for developing process maps and upskilling the existing team in the application of the framework.
  • Building in-house legal process design skills.

One of the fastest growing local councils in Australia, required support to cope with the increasing demand for efficient service delivery and maintenance of the high standard of public service.

The client’s existing service delivery processes were overwhelmingly manual in format, involving high levels of paperwork which led to inefficiencies and customer dissatisfaction. They recognised the need for a robust digital transformation and required support to achieve a superior format to manage its operations, track its performance and improve service delivery.

DLA Piper Business Advisory was engaged to develop a comprehensive Service Digitisation Strategy, with a key deliverable being the selection of a target state Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that would streamline and enhance service delivery to its constituents.

The engagement was highly successful and resulted in:

  • Improved efficiencies through significantly streamlined service delivery processes.
  • Enhanced service delivery through an integrated, 360-degree view of community interactions with council.
  • Data-driven decision making, leveraging Salesforces robust analytic capabilities.