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As business data grows, spotting bribery and corruption becomes harder. If your conventional compliance program misses potential issues, major risks can lie hidden within the depths of your data. You don’t want to end up as another headline, a business facing massive fines and untold brand damage. Aiscension helps you proactively detect bribery risks by combining cutting-edge AI and DLA Piper’s legal knowhow. Its pre-trained AI allows investigations or compliance reviews to be run 10x faster and more cost effectively than any other options. Monitored by our lawyers, it learns and adapts to provide high quality results.

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Case study: Finding hard evidence of bribery

Having found evidence of wrongdoing in its supply chain, a global real estate company wanted to find further information relevant to their inquiry. The company’s core objectives were to uncover further proof of potential bribery and associated misconduct and to use a cost-effective, efficient way to review over three million documents.


Aiscension results

  • 3,231 documents ranked and reviewed by Aiscension AI.
  • 1 DLA Piper lawyer needed to run whole review.
  • 561 documents identified as relevant for the company’s investigation.
  • 25 documents suggestive of bribery risks including falsifying project costs, gifts and entertainment, misuse of company funds.
  • Hard evidence allowed remedial steps to be taken with confidence.
  • 67 hours to complete Aiscension review compared to 9,500 hours using conventional review.
  • 99.3% faster.

“These are exactly the types of emails that we’re interested in having a closer look at and appear to be directly relevant to our investigation.”

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