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A cheaper, faster and easier way to raise and manage capital using digital assets.

Asset owners now have a fast-track route to market with access to a wider audience of investors.

Today's capital raise process is inefficient. Issuing securities is limited to traditional financial instruments and involves going through multiple parties, from auditors to investment banks, to meet regulatory compliance.

Secondary markets, such as trading in exchanges and over-the-counter (OTC) markets are often limited to a handful of clients authorized to trade only when matched with other participants during market hours. Transactions like this can easily take multiple business days to settle and require manual execution of corporate actions such as dividend payments and voting.

Through TOKO we can offer a cheaper, faster and easier solution.

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DLA Piper and TOKO gives you the unique combination of our legal knowhow and cutting-edge technology.

Integrated legal and regulatory compliance
It's a solution that combines our deal structuring knowhow with an innovative tokenization platform to help you navigate the complexity of regulated securities.

Industry-wide compatible technology 
Ability to output and issue a wide variety of token asset types to support the most commonly adopted token standards in the market today.

End-to-end solution
A one-stop shop solution for you, from tokenization and primary issuance through to secondary market trading and asset servicing.

Benefits of TOKO

Asset owners now have a fast-track route to market with access to a wider audience of investors.
  • Gives asset owners ability to create unique tokenized offerings.
  • Provides access to a wider group of investors.
  • Improves asset liquidity and offers faster exit opportunities.
  • Reduces transaction costs and settlement times.
  • Eliminates fraud and enhances audit capabilities using blockchain.
  • Provides the assurance of built-in compliance and regulatory rigor provided by DLA Piper lawyers.

Case studies

How TOKO has delivered

Calcite Limited, a Hong Kong private company specializing in shipbuilding, construction and real estate wanted to turn a fixed-income asset into digital tokens and issue them to fund their growth plans. We did just that – and made it work globally. A European asset for US and European shareholders, with capital raised in Hong Kong. 

Eric Smithers, Esq. a member of Calcite Limited, said: “We recognized that tokenisation of our initial capital raise would lay the groundwork for all our future capital requirements. We chose TOKO, DLA Piper, Hex Trust and Hedera because they're at the forefront of blockchain based capital markets. It has been a rewarding experience with this incredible team, and we look forward to implementing our vision for using blockchain in all our capital needs and product offerings.”

A government organization wanted to develop a virtual asset hub, integrated into a global ecosystem for virtual assets, NFTs and cryptocurrencies. The goal was to create new economic sectors. With DLA Piper's help, we advised this organization as it developed the new regulation. We helped define what they needed to cover, benchmarked it against other frameworks and drafted the regulation. It was a big success. And the client was impressed with our business's understanding of blockchain technology and our lawyer-led asset platform, which no other competitor could match.


Tim Popplewell

Managing Director