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18 April 20242 minute read

Global Expansion and Operation 101: Employment and Equity Compensation

A technology sector webinar series

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In this webinar, we explored the practical and legal challenges of global expansion. This session focused on the key employment and executive compensation issues companies face when scaling their business internationally, including:

  • Engagement options: choosing between employee, contractor, or PEO/EOR employee 
  • Global employee onboarding: from benefits to pre-hire health checks
  • Employment agreements and policies: meeting mandatory local requirements 
  • Granting equity on a global basis: navigating compliance, documentation, tax withholding, and regulatory challenges
  • Employee management challenges: from global wage and hour variances to performance issues
  • Managing collective groups: from works councils to industry-wide collective bargaining agreements
  • Important considerations for global employee terminations 

About the series
Effective international expansion requires more than a knowledge of local rules. Companies must understand important issues and alternatives and make informed decisions all while managing risks and costs.

Our team explores the range of issues related to global expansion.

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