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DLA Piper's different.

That’s why Reuters has included us as the only law firm in its 50 Leaders of Change series. These interviews and documentaries explore the future of global business, the direction of international trade, and the organisations leading the way to a new tomorrow.

Watch our documentary, in which Simon Levine, Olivia Clark, Andy Gastwirth and Jana Blount talk about why our firm is different and how we embrace change and innovation. Both in our Law& client solutions and in how we make our world more sustainable.


Not just another big law firm.

Law firm. Two words that might immediately suggest a few more. Legal knowhow, sure. But perhaps a few less desirable ones too. Traditional, stuffy? Old-fashioned? Slow?

If we were those things, we couldn’t help our clients succeed. So our business is built on being progressive and embracing change. At our core, we’re a law firm – we give clients legal advice, and we do it well. Wherever our clients want to be tomorrow, we get them there. But we’re a lot more too.

Going beyond law

Much of this is delivered through Law&, our brand for services that go beyond the traditional law firm offering.

DLA Design, our design-thinking methodology, is one way we create new – often bespoke – solutions for clients. Identifying their specific needs and ideating ways of meeting them. Because every client is different.

Historically, the legal sector has been slow to adopt new technology, but it’s at the heart of our more radical solutions.

Aiscension is a ground-breaking compliance monitoring tool, developed through design thinking. Neural-net AI detects potentially unlawful behaviour in an organisation’s data, scanning millions of documents in minutes. 

And TOKO is a new solution for security tokens. It combines our regulatory rigour with Hedera’s market-leading distributed ledger technology. With TOKO, asset owners can tokenise them and raise funds quickly and securely. Both Aiscension and TOKO are quicker, easier and cheaper than conventional solutions.

But change here isn’t limited to that.

Making the world a better place

We also exist to help the world transition to and thrive in a more sustainable future. One way we do this is by improving access to justice for those who need it most. In response to the Afghanistan and Ukraine conflicts, we partnered with Legal Connection to give free legal services to refugees through a digital platform.

We have a long-term partnership with UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency, giving more than 9,500 hours of pro bono services. For more than a decade, we’ve worked with UNHCR to improve social justice and advocate for systemic change.

And our top priority right now is ESG. It matters to our people, it matters to our clients, and it matters to us as a values-led business. We’re well underway on its own sustainability journey, with ambitious carbon emissions targets and a focus on our people, communities and society.

So yes, we’re a law firm. And a lot more too.