'Our clients are our compass'.

When you work for DLA Piper, they will be due north for you too. Clients drive our outlook.

We have a down-to-earth manner and practical, commercial outlook. You’ll be treated as part of a cohesive team that has a focused goal, delivering an outstanding client experience. We’re also known for flexibility and fun, while never abandoning our mutual respect. We see strength in diversity where others may see differences.

You’ll be pragmatic, intelligent, an achiever, a communicator, a potential leader and very client aware. You're a team player and have a sense of fun and adventure. You’ll be commercial in outlook and, if you are a lawyer, you’ll have great university grades.
Your attitude tells us a lot. We’ll look actively at your experience outside academic life. 

What We Look For

Rewards and benefits

Our people enjoy great working incentives. Here are some of the benefits you will receive working at DLA Piper:

Rewards & Benefits Matrix

Diversity and inclusion

In New Zealand, we promote an inclusive culture where everyone has the opportunity to grow their career and pathways to success are transparent. Diversity is a global issue. Woven into our culture are our efforts to understand value and incorporate differences. By fostering diversity and inclusion, we can attract and progress talent, create balanced teams, deliver the highest level of service to our clients, and effectively contribute to local communities. Strategic DLA Piper initiatives support the ongoing commitment toward greater diversity and inclusion.

Our community and you

At DLA Piper, we are committed to contributing to the wellbeing of communities locally and around the world. Every year our lawyers contribute at least 35 hours to our pro bono clients. They are not only encouraged to do this but they get full fee credit for all pro bono work. It’s fun and it really helps our local community! We consider it a major part of our deepest philosophy to ‘give back’ as a business. For that reason, we give our people two days per year paid time, to work on and for their charity of choice. You too will find yourself working for the community and contributing to society.