TechLaw Australia 2017

14 NOV 2017
8:45 AM - 1:30 PM AEDT
DLA Piper Australia
Level 22
No.1 Martin Place
NSW 2000

The ubiquity of technology - in all its many guises - has provided a period of economic growth arguably unparalleled in history. Increasingly, technology is striving to meet - and meets - the ever-evolving demands of consumers for mobility, for availability, for tailored products and solutions, for flexibility. We have petabytes of information available at a fingertip. Incumbent and comfortable organisations are challenged by non-traditional competitors. We see a future of autonomous cars and drone-delivered pizza. A golden age of techno-utopia awaits.

Or does it? The cyber threat environment continues to expand in social, criminal, and state-sponsored espionage areas. An 'always on' culture seems to now permeate all aspects of life, work and home. We worry about 'tech-neck' in our children and online predation. Technology-enabled disruption, for all the benefits it provides, still disrupts (and in some cases, destroys). Will robotics and AI ultimately result in increased social isolation and the breakdown of what limited sense of community remains? Do we face techno-dystopia?

In this confusing, increasingly volatile and always dynamic environment, companies face numerous challenges that must be met in order to continue to meet consumer expectations, to drive growth and revenue, to meet the demands of stakeholders, and - ultimately - to survive.

TechLAW is dedicated to providing in-house counsel, commercial teams and company leaders with knowledge and tools to facilitate journeys through innovation, transformation and disruption.

As one of the world’s largest law firms, we benefit from seeing the impact of technology on our clients and harness that knowledge in delivering services in Australia. DLA Piper has an enduring commitment to the technology sector and our clients that embrace technology.

With that in mind, we present you with TechLAW Australia 2017. Our conference program includes a diverse mix of legal and commercial topics delivered by DLA Piper partners and leading industry experts.




8.45 AM


9.00 AM


9.15 AM

Deloitte's technology, media and telecommunications trends 2017
presented by Nick White, Principal, Consulting, Strategy and Operations

10.00 AM

The disruptive impact of technology and emerging legal issues presented by Kit Burden, Global Co-Head of Technology Sector, DLA Piper

10.30 AM

Morning Tea

10.45 AM

Breakout stream A: Enterprise challenges in technology implementation and acquisition
Breakout stream B: Disruption and innovation - what does it really mean for me?

11.30 AM

The future of technology and society: Where to from here and how fast? presented by keynote speaker Dr Peter Ellyard, Futurist

12.45 PM


1.00 PM

Networking lunch


For further information, please contact Natalie Green (T: +61 7 3246 4124).