Michael Cain acts extensively in the general insurance area, providing advice in a wide range of fields, including property and material damage claims, policy interpretation, and claims arising under personal accident policies. He has handled a large number of fire claims and claims involving interpretation of industrial special risks (ISR) and commercial policies.

In addition, Michael deals with claims arising out of the liability of road authorities. He has acted on behalf of VicRoads for many years and has defended it against many claims. He has also been called upon to assist VicRoads from time to time in respect of issues of interpretation arising out of the Transport Act, the Road Management Act 2004 (Vic) (Road Management Act), and in responding to changes to the law brought about by the many recent High Court of Australia and Court of Appeal decisions in this area.

Michael has also developed a practice and has experience in acting on behalf of solicitors who have been sued in negligence. Over the past ten years, he has handled many such claims, mostly arising out of alleged failure by those solicitors to comply with various sections of the Accident Compensation Act 1985 (Vic) (Accident Compensation Act).

Michael has maintained his involvement with accident compensation work by acting for a self-insurer under the Victorian legislation. He provides all manner of advice, not only in respect of claims under the Act, but also at common law. He is also called upon to provide advice relating to interpretation of many sections of the Act.

His clients include insurers, road authorities, self-insurers and legal professional bodies. He is often asked by his clients to present and update them on various aspects of insurance litigation.