Spotlight on Belgium: Trends in the legal landscape - Issue 8

Corporate Update


'Spotlight on Belgium' provides you with an overview of current legal developments in Belgium and the EU.

Articles in this issue include: 

  • The prohibition on wearing external signs of religion
  • Salary restraints in 2015-2016
  • The next social elections
  • 3D printing and its legal challenges
  • The new open data strategy in Belgium
  • The upcoming EU copyright reform
  • Empowering social entrepreneurs with Atos
  • Office leases
  • Financing of affordable housing in Africa, and
  • The extension of the EU sectoral sanctions against Russia. 

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In this issue

  • Belgian Government gives green light to a new open data strategy
    2 DEC 2015

    On 24 July 2015, the Belgian Council of Ministers approved an ambitious federal Open Data Strategy to unlock the full potential of reusing public sector information (PSI). The strategy includes both a set of fifteen concrete guidelines as well as a legislative proposal, which would implement the latest PSI Directive 2013/37/EC.

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  • Financing of affordable housing in Africa
    2 DEC 2015

    Purchasing one’s own home with the aid of a mortgage is so much a part of life in the West that many are surprised to learn that mortgages are not available or are very limited in a market that has been much in the news in the last two years: Africa. In this article, we consider the ways in which housing is financed in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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