Armin Hendrich heads the Litigation & Regulatory group in Austria. His practice focuses on the wider area of regulatory law, including general and banking regulatory law, securities law, data protection law, outsourcing, anti-money laundering as well as sanctions regulations. He has advised clients on compliance in the intersection of civil code and common law jurisdictions, with a focus on U.S. pre-trial discovery in U.S. civil procedures and investigations of regulatory authorities.

Armin has a strong background in IT and acts on the forefront of IT inclusion in legal processes and cyber security. Building on his education and several years of entrepreneurial experience, he focuses on efficiency through legal project and process management. He is a member of DLA Piper's innovation group as well as global cyber security steering group, working with cyber security experts at DLA Piper and technical third party experts in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Armin has further accumulated expertise in air and space law.