Employment Law Update - Fall 2019‎

Canadian Employment News Series

Employment Update

Working from home3
Working from home: Tips and traps for the agile workforce
This article examines considerations for employers when their employees opt to work from home.
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Dalskog v Crowsnest Pass 3
Fairness dictates termination of probationary employees‎
The Alberta Provincial Court provides guidance on the proper  and defensible termination of a ‎probationary employee.‎
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Modern Slavery Act
Modern Slavery Legislation in Canada: An Update
What is next for the regulation of modern slavery in Canada?
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Commission scolaire Kativik 3
Must Quebec employers reassign poor performing employees?‎
Judgement by Court of Appeal of Quebec examines the criteria for termination of employment due to poor ‎performance.‎
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"Times they are a-changin'" for federally regulated workplaces
The Federal government’s commitment to “modernization” of employment standards for federally regulated workplaces continues.
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Pen and Paper3
Three is a crowd: Employees, independent ‎contractors, & dependent contractors
Distinguishing between an independent contractor, dependent contractor, and employee.
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