Heather Treacy, Q.C. speaks to Lexpert magazine on pipeline approvals in Canada

Heather Treacy, Q.C. has been extensively quoted in Lexpert magazine’s 2017 Special Edition on Energy, in which she discusses the hurdles faced by pipeline developers in navigating the regulatory process to obtain project approvals.

The greatest challenge, Heather observes, "is the uncertainty as to whether final approval of the project will be granted. The current process means that significant upfront investment costs have to be incurred. These projects are very, very expensive to develop and can be in the billions of dollars.” Another imposing task, she points out, “is managing and dealing with a very large and varied group of different stakeholders.”

Heather emphasizes that to increase the chances of success will require "strong leadership ... on all fronts." Stakeholders must work together to improve an often-contentious consultation process, and there needs to be "a better regulatory process developed that can approve projects in a highly efficient manner."

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