• Party appointed arbitrator in an ad hoc proceeding concerning the interpretation of cost escalation ‎provisions in power purchase arrangements for the generation of electrical energy
  • Chair of arbitration panel in an ad hoc proceeding concerning breaches of a pipeline construction contract ‎resulting in environmental damages and business losses
  • Sole arbitrator in an ad hoc proceeding concerning breaches of a commercial real estate purchase contract
  • Sole arbitrator in an ad hoc proceeding relating to claims of breach of trust and undue influence arising out ‎the distribution of an estate ‎
  • Mediator in a dispute relating to breaches of a construction contract for the supply and installation of ‎concrete for a commercial condominium project
  • Mediator in a dispute relating to claims of unjust enrichment and breaches of fiduciary duties concerning ‎the disposition of a family owned agri-business
  • Mediator in multiple disputes relating to the valuation of partnership interests
  • Mediator in multiple disputes relating to the valuation of minority shareholders’ interests and the ‎interpretation of unanimous shareholder agreements
  • Mediator in a wide variety of disputes relating to breaches of construction contracts for commercial and ‎industrial properties including issues relating to deficiencies in engineering and architectural design,  ‎electrical installation, concrete and foundation issues and general construction deficiencies
  • Mediator in a dispute relating to the installation of electrical services for a large industrial warehouse
  • Counsel on an administered arbitration relating to breaches of a contract for the construction of a major ‎electrical generation facility
  • Co- counsel on an arbitration to determine if an event of force majeure had occurred following the failure ‎of an electrical power generator ‎
  • Co- counsel on an arbitration to determine whether a coal mine should be treated as a part of the operating ‎assets of an electrical power generating station
  • Counsel on a wide variety of right-of-way and expropriation cases concerning the installation of natural gas ‎and petroleum pipelines and electrical transmission lines for a large industrial manufacturing plant and an ‎ethylene plant
  • Counsel on an arbitration to determine the valuation of natural gas pipelines, gas compressor stations and ‎gas plant operations and the interpretation of a right of first refusal clause
  • Counsel on an arbitration concerning breach of contract for the provision of access to rail transportation


  • Acted for air carriers in a variety of contract disputes relating to the provision of charter services, tour ‎operations and ground and maintenance services
  • Acted for air carriers in relation to claims for damage to aircraft and ground handling equipment
  • Defended air carriers in connection with passenger injury claims and claims for the loss or damage to ‎cargo on domestic and international flights
  • Acted for airport operators in responding to Transport Canada investigations
  • Acted for the owners of a private airport in negotiations with Transport Canada and NAV Canada in relation ‎to airport operations and navigational requirements


  • Defended a major Canadian investment firm in a large, multi-party lawsuit concerning investor losses ‎arising from the failure of a real estate limited partnership
  • Defended numerous corporations against shareholders oppression actions brought under the Alberta ‎Business Corporations Act and Canada Business Corporations Act
  • Acted on behalf of shareholder group to enforce Unanimous Shareholders Agreement
  • Pursued claims for breach of trust arising from the failure of privately-held corporations and professional ‎partnerships
  • Pursued claims on behalf of multinational corporations relating to patent infringement, theft of confidential ‎information and the violation of non-competition agreements in the oil and gas industry
  • Acted as lead counsel defending a multinational corporation in multiple jurisdictions on a multi-million ‎dollar product liability claim
  • Obtaining Mareva Injunctions, Norwich Orders and Anton Pillar Orders to preserve assets, compel ‎production of documentation and execute civil search warrants in cases where there are allegations of ‎fraud, breach of trust, misappropriation of funds and property
  • Acting as a court appointed, independent supervising solicitor in relation to the execution of an Anton ‎Pillar Order in a major mortgage fraud case
  • Acting on behalf of a variety of applicants and interveners in various regulatory hearings for the ‎construction of oil and natural gas pipelines and pumping and compression stations, electrical power ‎generation facilities, substations and transmissions lines ‎


  • Acted in a wide variety of construction related disputes including claims relating to construction ‎deficiencies, delay, breach of warranty and fundamental breach of contract  ‎
  • Acting as lead counsel defending a multinational corporation in several jurisdictions on a major product ‎liability claim relating to the failure of sealed glass windows


  • Acted on behalf of several multinational corporations to defend them against allegations of chemical or ‎hydrocarbon contamination of large commercial and industrial sites


  • Acted on behalf of a variety of primary, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions on a broad ‎variety of issues including privacy, corporate governance, breach of contract, student disciplinary and ‎suspension hearings, harassment, defamation and workplace investigation procedures ‎
  • Provided advice to various educational institutions in relation to the interpretation of Provincial legislation