Tania da Silva is a senior associate at the firm's Montréal office where she practises in the area of ‎employment law and commercial litigation.‎
Tania joined the firm in 2009 after the completion of her articles.‎

Her employment law practice involves counselling both provincially and federally regulated employers ‎on:‎

  • Wrongful dismissal and prohibited practices claims;‎advising on Labour Standards, Human Rights and Privacy issues at the Quebec provincial level ‎and at the federal level;‎
  • Workplace investigations;‎
  • Pay equity;‎
  • Workplace health and safety requirements;‎
  • Attendance management and the duty to accommodate;‎
  • Enforcing restrictive covenants through litigation;
  • Drafting and reviewing employment contracts, employment policy manuals, and codes of ‎conduct;‎
  • Hiring, progressive discipline and termination of employees;‎
  • Training of employees on company policies, anti-harassment and discrimination, and ‎occupational health and safety;
  • Employment-related due diligence reviews in the context of business acquisitions;‎
  • French language requirements of employers towards their Quebec-based employees, and ‎assistance with handling Office de la langue française investigations and/or complaints.‎

Tania’s litigation practice consists of representing clients in a wide range of civil suits, including ‎employment-related litigation, manufacturer’s liability, enforcing of securities and contractual ‎disputes.  She  has a strong class action practice acting exclusively as defence counsel, ‎specifically in competition law private actions, Civil Code of Quebec and Consumer Protection Act ‎actions.  Tania ‎has appeared before the Court of Quebec, the Superior Court of Quebec and the Court of ‎Appeal of ‎Quebec, and assists employers with CNESST mediations and with claims brought before the ‎Tribunal ‎administratif du travail and the civil Courts.