Jeff Horswill is a litigator whose practice focuses on the litigation and resolution of complex disputes.  ‎

Jeff is a skilled negotiator and strategic thinker who is particularly adept at using alternative dispute ‎resolution to resolve disputes in a practical, solution oriented way, beneficial to his clients.‎

Jeff acts most commonly in the areas of commercial litigation and dispute resolution; shareholder and ‎society member disputes; product liability cases; and disputes involving international law and ‎intersecting jurisdictions.  As a litigator with a general practice, however, Jeff’s experience includes a ‎wide variety of other cases, including in respect of human rights issues and sports law.  Over the course ‎of his career, Jeff has developed significant experience in matters involving significant public relations or ‎political components.  ‎

As a complementary adjunct to his barrister practice, Jeff has experience in relation to the investigation ‎and prevention of corruption, fraud, money laundering and related issues.  In particular, he has ‎investigated alleged bribe payments, developed anti-corruption and training programs, advised ‎companies in relation to FINTRAC compliance, investigated fraud allegations, and provided advice in ‎relation to Canada’s sanctions regime.‎
Jeff’s practice has allowed him to act as counsel in a wide variety of forums including: all levels of British ‎Columbia Courts and the Federal Court, formal and informal mediations, and ad hoc arbitrations ‎conducted under the UNCITRAL Rules.‎

Jeff is the past co-chair of the BC-CBA Subsection on International Law and member of the executive of ‎the CBA National sub-section on International Law and that subsection’s International Dispute ‎Resolution Committee, and a recipient of the Lexpert Zenith Platinum Award 2010 - Gender Change ‎Agent.