Taryn Urquhart is a member of the Litigation, Arbitration and Investigations group. She maintains a ‎commercial litigation practice with a particular focus on regulatory disputes.‎

Taryn regularly appears before the Provincial Court and Supreme Court of British Columbia on complex ‎commercial matters and before various regulatory tribunals such as the Canadian Transportation Agency, ‎Canadian International Trade Tribunal, British Columbia Utilities Commission and the British Columbia ‎Forest Appeals Commission. ‎

Taryn’s practice focuses on using statutory remedies to resolve commercial and regulatory disputes ‎involving commercial parties, administrative bodies and governments. Her recent work has included the ‎following types of matters: ‎

  • Acted as part of the legal team representing Canadian domestic industry in a major trade dispute ‎before the Canadian International Trade Tribunal in which Canadian industry sought anti-dumping ‎and countervailing duties against the EU and US industries;
  • Providing strategic advice to industry on the regulations and remedies available in respect of ‎major infrastructure development being undertaken by agencies of the federal and provincial ‎governments;
  • Acting for shippers in pursuing final offer arbitration and other statutory remedies against Class I ‎railways under the Canada Transportation Act; and
  • Advising on federal, provincial and municipal regulations governing transportation safety and ‎security, including the regulation of dangerous goods.