The DLA Piper's Corporate Services group provides companies and other organizations with the timely delivery of personalized and cost-effective filing and registration services, due diligence searches and compliance with routine corporate and commercial tasks.

Our clerks and paralegals, under the supervision of corporate lawyers, service the corporate needs of thousands of organizations across Canada.

Additionally, we provide specific services based on location:

  • Our Vancouver office prepares and manages all of the corporate documentation required by various BC companies, extra-provincial companies, federal corporations and societies and partnerships.
  • Our Toronto, Montréal, Calgary and Edmonton offices provide comprehensive services regarding the incorporation or extra-provincial registration of corporations and other organizations.

Corporate Services groups in each of our offices perform:

Incorporations and Registrations

We regularly conduct incorporations and registrations federally and in B.C., the Yukon Territory (which has no director residency requirements), the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Ontario, Québec and Alberta particularly. Contact us to inquire about another jurisdiction you require.

Our services include:

  • Reserving the corporation name, and preparing and filing the necessary documents
  • Obtaining a corporate seal, and opening the minute book
  • Preparing registers and a reporting booklet to the client; and acting as registered and records office.

Extra-Provincial/Territorial Registrations

  • We act as attorney-for-service and registered office for companies registered outside of Canada.

Ongoing Annual Filings

We provide annual maintenance and record-keeping services, including:
  • Maintaining corporate minute books and records
  • Forwarding and filing annual reports and reminding companies of their annual meeting obligations, and preparing resolutions of directors and members.

Due Diligence Searches

We conduct comprehensive due diligence searches for various items including records of title, ownership, claims and disputes, all at competitive market rates in registries such as:

Reorganizations and Restructuring

  • Reorganizations, amalgamations, continuances, restorations, dissolutions
  • Changes of name
  • Changes of authorized and issued share capital
  • Reviews of certain corporate records as required by auditors or members of the general public