DLA Piper's Human Rights Law practice gives practical and effective advice about human rights and discrimination to businesses, educational institutions, professional regulatory bodies and other organizations, under both provincial and federal laws.

We have acted as counsel in many landmark decisions in this complex and sensitive area.

Our advisory and representational services include: 

  • Developing proactive strategies, including conflict audits, to prevent human rights problems and effectively resolve human rights complaints
  • Representing clients before human rights tribunals, arbitration tribunals and the courts, and helping resolve human rights problems with progressive dispute resolution techniques and creative strategies
  • Advising professional regulatory bodies on professional regulation and discipline, including admission criteria, admission of foreign trained professionals and human rights complaints
  • Advising educational institutions on all aspects of education policy and administration, including admission standards, student discipline, accommodation of disabilities and systemic discrimination
  • Developing and implementing human rights policies, with related training, to avoid costly conflict that often irreparably damages organizational and trust capital
  • Providing comprehensive and timely audits, investigations and inquiries, as trouble-shooters, fact finders and ombudspersons