Global experience in designing and implementing efficient, cost-effective programs for simplifying and rationalizing complex group structures

Less is more

Large corporate groups can become steadily less efficient and more complex over time. This can add to financial and management costs, complicate operations and prejudice the smooth running of the group. It is common, therefore, in connection with transactions – and as prudent, periodic corporate housekeeping – to seek to simplify and rationalize the corporate structure. As the firm that executes more M&A transactions each year than anyone else, we have firsthand experience of why and how corporate groups may become overly complicated and inefficient. If legal entities in your organization serve similar or overlapping functions, or are dormant or redundant, there may be various benefits to simplifying the group structure.

Unlocking benefits

Implementing legal entity rationalization projects can result in cost reduction, the mitigation of risks and the adoption of legal structures that are lean and flexible. We support the legal entity rationalization process from the planning to the execution stage and we can identify the most efficient and cost effective country-level action plan to eliminate the identified entities.


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