Due to Ignacio's experience, he has been called on to render testimony at Congressional hearings before the:

  • International Economic Policy and Trade subcommittee of the US House of Representative's International Relations Committee concerning US sanctions' policy and disputes relative to those policies before the World Trade Organization
  • Western Hemisphere subcommittee of the US Senate's Foreign Relations Committee concerning the extraterritorial reach of US sanctions
  • Trade subcommittee of the US House of Representative's Ways and Means Committee on the Legal and Economic Relationship between the United States and Cuba
  • Courts and Intellectual Property subcommittee of the US House of Representative’s Judiciary Committee on issues related to government confiscation of trademarks

Representative Clients and Matters

  • Advise clients on the development and implementation of domestic and world-wide corporate compliance programs
  • Represent numerous foreign and domestic entities in obtaining regulatory approval from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) for international transactions involving the acquisition of companies or assets in the US
  • Advise numerous clients on sanctions compliance, voluntary disclosures and enforcement proceedings before US agencies with applicable jurisdiction.
  • Advise many clients on legislation affecting their business interests
  • Represent a major beverage company on international trade issues and US legislative efforts affecting their business and labeling practices
  • Advise a large food manufacturer on federal rule-making procedures affecting the marketing practices for its products
  • Advise a premium cigar company on international trade matters, disputes and legislation
  • Advise foreign governments on US national security legislation and other policy issues
  • Represent numerous clients in commercial disputes including but not limited to trademark litigation, environmental and toxic tort litigation, franchise disputes, product liability, RICO and breach of contract cases