The Trust Deficit: After the Crash - DLA Piper’s response

Finance Update

When we sponsored the publication of the inaugural trust report, The Trust Deficit: Views from the Boardroom, in 2011 we did so as a response to the media and political fallout brought about by the financial crisis that gripped the world from 2008 and the shockwaves of which continue to be felt throughout the global markets.

The first report concluded that the trust deficit between business and the other sections of society was serious. In this second report, The Trust Deficit: After the Crash, it is clear that trust between business, politics and the media has broken down completely. There are a number of key conclusions in the report which we believe require a proactive and timely response from a number of those sections of society.

It is clear that trust deficits exist between business leaders and politicians, between different parts of the corporate world, and between the public and business as a whole.