Doing business in China

Corporate Update

In the wake of the most punishing economic downturn in 70 years, China now features prominently in the plans of global investors and companies searching for growth. Having successfully navigated the financial tsunami, China’s continued dynamism and increasingly sound economic management track record prove attractive to managers, investors, entrepreneurs, and consultants alike.

However, opportunity is never without risk. An increasingly competitive business environment, coupled with growing friction in the global trading system, signals the rise of new transnational challenges. On a local level, corporations must understand, implement, and adhere to a continuously evolving rule of law.

While China’s appeal continues to grow, a new dynamic is emerging, promising a profound shift for the international economic and business landscape. It’s no longer just an eye-catching domestic market of 1.3 billion individuals. Locally-born businesses are now eager and poised to take on the world. Be they domestic start-ups with humble beginnings or well-established multinationals that span the globe, China is demonstrating its value as a partner and multiplier for businesses.

DLA Piper expects an increasingly fast evolution in China’s legal, regulatory, and commercial environments. Dramatic changes, heightened motivation, and a growing willingness to assume the role of a major financial and trading partner shape China’s progression in both policy and practice.

The fifth edition of “Doing Business in China” emphasises our commitment to enabling clients’ success by providing comprehensive, up-to-date industry knowledge and insightful future forecasts. Positive feedback to earlier editions has demonstrated its constructive value when planning and executing business and investment strategies.

Written with our broad range of clients’ interests in mind, the guide’s approach is extensive yet comprehensive. Beginning with economic and regulatory insights – such as China’s commitments to the World Trade Organisation – we offer practical tips for managing a multitude of situations, such as setting up a business. We also evaluate laws affecting employment, the environment, and taxation. In response to readers’ and clients’ requests for advice on navigating China’s corridors of power, our government affairs team drew upon their extensive experience to formulate tips and tactics for effectively liaising with officials.

DLA Piper closely follows recent developments affecting clients’ businesses. The addition of two chapters provides analysis and approaches for responding to the newly-implemented insolvency and restructuring, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). An amplified focus on sustainability and anti-corruption provisions are significant developments impacting all businesses engaged in China, irrespective of structure or origin.

We would like to thank our partners, lawyers, and professional support staff who have contributed to this guide. Developed from practical experience and genuine knowledge, their inspiring thoughts reinforce our success as one of the leading international business law firms in Asia.