Our cybersecurity team offers:

  • Proactive risk management. Before a cybersecurity incident occurs, we work with our clients to assess their internal risk management strategy for responding to cyberattacks and assist in the implementation of proactive policies and procedures that enable them to respond effectively, preserving attorney-client privilege and mitigating potential litigation and reputational risks associated with cybersecurity incidents.
  • Field-tested global crisis management coverage. We can be on the ground, with an integrated team of the world’s top cybersecurity technicians and lawyers, helping solve your security problem and cloaking those efforts in privilege, anywhere in the world, within 24 hours of our first notification. We have established round-the-clock protocols for immediate coordination and response.
  • Connections to more than 40 foreign governments. We know the regulators, the advocates and many of the journalists who focus on data breaches and draw on this experience to guide our clients’ response to a breach incident so as to minimize potential reputational damage.
  • Understanding the US and international cyber-regulatory environment. We have drafted most of the breach notice laws, offer an online tool summarizing breach notice requirements in 72 countries, and have an unsurpassed understanding of the ever-changing US and international cyber-regulatory environment that we apply to both reactive and preemptive solutions. We also offer products that track these developments.
  • Sector-specific focus. DLA Piper believes that our legal advice should be as pragmatic and solution-oriented as it is technically excellent. We are attuned to the unique requirements of different sectors and staff our teams with lawyers experienced in the client’s sector.