Today, businesses understand that they face the risk of disputes that are global and multi-faceted. These are rarely confined to one jurisdiction, or one type of exposure: the worst problems permeate multiple jurisdictions. Multinational businesses regularly encounter litigation risks that – with the advent of a class action regime in the UK and the recently announced Collective Redress Directive in the EU, the growth in litigation funding, and the COVID-19 pandemic – are steadily rising. Plaintiffs’ lawyers are filing more global class actions or overlapping cases in multiple jurisdictions, and this wave of lawsuits will continue. As a result, prudent businesses are preparing for the likelihood of litigation. DLA Piper is positioned globally to help prevent or solve these problems.

How we can help

As the risk of global class actions grows, businesses are acting now to mitigate their litigation, reputational, and headline risk. DLA Piper’s Global Class Action group can help you anticipate and protect against these threats. To better serve our clients, we are monitoring filings, analyzing trends, anticipating future trends, and leveraging our experience across geographies and sectors to help you plan for potential scenarios.

Our deep bench of seasoned class action litigators can help you combat risk in the US and around the world.

Class action and collective redress procedures vary across jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions are steeped in long-standing regulations, and in others, such regulatory regimes are just emerging. Coordination by plaintiffs’ counsel to exploit geographic advantages where there are, for example, more lax privilege rules, faster disclosure obligations or less scope to judicially challenge class certification and the like, exacerbates the risks.

To address this great variation, prudent companies seek an experienced team of lawyers on the ground who can help you navigate the issues, in each local jurisdiction as well as across borders and globally. They understand that addressing such global-level threats requires a truly coordinated cross-jurisdiction defense strategy. Leveraging our global platform, the more than 200 class action and collective redress litigators in our integrated team work closely together across multiple jurisdictions where class actions and collective redress litigation is existing or expanding such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and many countries in Europe and Asia Pacific. We can quickly assemble the right team for you, coordinate a cohesive defense strategy, and then work together to execute on it.

Comprehensive experience in the substantive claims.

We anticipate that global class actions may involve claims regarding competition, privacy, product liability, consumer actions, and ESG-related issues. We have significant experience defending clients in putative class action litigation asserting a myriad of claims, which allows us to provide comprehensive guidance and proactive advice. Should litigation arise, we can quickly deploy advisors with the most relevant experience in the right jurisdictions to craft an efficient and effective defense tailored specifically to your unique business needs.

Experience in virtually every sector means we understand your business.

Any sector can be the target of a global class action. With regard to lawsuits relating to COVID-19, the plaintiffs’ bar has focused on several sectors in bringing COVID-19 related class action lawsuits. Although no sector is immune, to date travel, transportation, insurance, educational institutions, fitness, financial services, technology, manufacturing, and retail companies, among others, are all targets. Our in-depth focus and our deep experience fosters a profound understanding of our client’s business environments and can help you combat the specific litigation challenges impacting your sector.

Insights and analysis help you manage or cabin litigation risk.

Because of our extensive experience, we can identify and assess trends and gain insight into the strategies of plaintiffs’ counsel. We then work with our clients to understand their risk profile in light of emerging claims and suggest ways to mitigate or cabin their risk.

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