Class action lawsuits are filed with increasing frequency in today's business world. The class action device allows plaintiffs' lawyers to file complaints that claim to redress a supposed wrong on behalf of groups of aggrieved investors, shareholders or consumers. Everything from a natural disaster to a company merger to an everyday event like an advertisement for a new consumer product may serve as the trigger. These cases may involve thousands, even millions of putative plaintiffs in numerous jurisdictions within the US and even globally – seeking millions or billions of dollars in damages or injunctive relief that may strike at the heart of your company's business.

As your business defends itself against these lawsuits, you may find yourself simultaneously managing curious regulators and aggressive legislators, in addition to the plaintiffs' lawyers. In this high-stakes atmosphere, DLA Piper's class action defense lawyers can help.

We are proud that we have more than 100 class action litigators throughout the US who regularly defend many of the world's leading corporations against putative class actions in state and federal courts nationwide. Our clients depend on us to anticipate emerging threats, develop effective strategies that respond to the nuances of a particular suit, defeat claims at an early stage through strategic motions to dismiss, craft a narrow focus for discovery where possible to control costs, act to prevent class certification by pre-emptive motions to deny class certification or otherwise, employ Daubert motions to block or limit testimony, craft economical settlements when necessary, or defeat the case at trial. We also consult with our clients proactively to identify and mitigate potential class action risks, including drafting arbitration or class action waiver provisions and advising on business issues before litigation occurs.

Because class actions often require multi-faceted defense strategies, we work with our colleagues who are former Assistant US Attorneys and regulators and our esteemed Government Affairs partners to coordinate and manage concurrent regulatory, law enforcement, and Congressional investigations. Leveraging our global platform, we also work closely with our colleagues in the many other jurisdictions where class actions and collective redress are taking root, among them Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Australia, when there are parallel or threatened class or collective actions overseas. Finally, we maintain close relationships with top subject matter experts in a variety of substantive fields.

Our clients include global corporations in virtually every industry sector, including computer and technology, pharmaceutical and medical devices, automotive and other transportation, retail and fashion, consumer products and services, hospitality, manufacturing, international aerospace and defense contractors, financial services and insurance groups, and fitness and lifestyle companies. And we have significant experience defending clients in class action litigations alleging many diverse types of claims, including consumer protection, unfair competition, false advertising, antitrust, RICO, securities, employment, insurance, banking and financial services, technology, and privacy. Our robust experience also extends to the many statutory claims around which class actions often revolve, involving such legislation as the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the Electronic Funds Transfer Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, California's Unfair Competition Law and Consumers Legal Remedies Act, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA), the Song-Beverly Credit Card Act, and state health services statutes.

Our class action lawyers have been named among the world's most prestigious by such respected lawyer-ranking publications as Chambers USA and The American Lawyer.