Kurt Bardeleben deals with public-sector activities, particularly relating to transactions between the public and private sectors and lawsuits and arbitration proceedings on behalf of or against the public sector. A considerable number of lawsuits have been entrusted to Kurt before the Danish Supreme Court, the Danish High Courts, arbitration tribunals and the Danish Complaints Board for Public Procurement concerning EU procurement, environmental law, including soil contamination, EIA and compulsory acquisition, section 73 of the Danish Constitution, construction law, professional liability of advisors, professional compensation, etc. Moreover, he has solid experience as an arbitrator.

In recent years, Kurt has assisted in organising a number of significant public building and construction projects, including state and municipal PPP projects, infrastructure projects, urban development projects, cultural construction projects and social-housing construction and renovation.

The fundamental idea underpinning Kurt’s work relating to public transactions and disputes is that fruitful public-private cooperation is the result of, on the one hand, the appreciation by the private party of the public-sector special rules as well as political climate and, on the other hand, the respect by the public party for the commercial reality faced by the private enterprise.