Planning for an Uncertain World

The Challenges and Opportunities for Technology Service Providers

16 November 2020
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM GMT

As major global enterprises from across multiple industries and sectors seek to effectively respond to the unprecedented economic and social challenges arising from the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, IT Services and Solutions providers in particular stand to play an essential and indeed pivotal role in guiding and supporting them in their now accelerating, post-pandemic, digital transformation journeys.

While governments and the private sector across all the world’s major economies recognize, perhaps now more than ever, the importance of stimulating investment in innovation and digital infrastructure as a means of nurturing a durable and resilient economic recovery, IT Services and Solutions Providers will be key to helping large enterprises innovate, automate and also securely maintain business continuity as supply chains face sustained interruptions amidst regularly changing protocols associated with employees’ working from home and / or the office and as customer preferences and expectations shift in today’s, often unpredictable, “new normal”.

Join us as we, together with leading scenario planning consultancy Nusbacher Associates, explore various scenarios and developments that may unfold in what has been and continues to be a highly volatile, complex and ambiguous business environment. Through our innovative strategy workshop, we will ask the crucial “so what?” questions to help identify which of various forecasted and possible futures may have critical regulatory and commercial implications for the global businesses of the IT service community, while also then prioritising the management decision-making and interventions to enable such enterprises to most effectively navigate headwinds as well as pursue profitable growth.